Calvin Love - Ecdysis

EK-D-SiS-The process of shedding an old skin to to facilitate growth.

Every day I wake up and I try to be better than the days past.

I shed yesterday’s skin

I try to find balance

peace and purpose,

in a world that almost always feels like it’s about to fall off it’s axis.


In 2016,  I took a step forward by taking a step back

 steps necessary to help rewire my focus.

During this time of introspection,

 I was fraught with

illusions of pressure, frustration, failure and fear

There were day’s 

when I was swimming in a dark ocean of self doubt.

But as quickly as those thoughts appeared, 

I let them go.

 I gathered resilience.

 I willed those thoughts to leave my mind,

And I began to feel a shift.

I forgot about trying to win the race

and I started to enjoy the journey.

I gave up trying to control my external world

and I let it be as it is.


During the demoing process,

I pulled five songs from a batch

that comprises my next LP.

and I decided to release them as an EP.

I envision these songs

like a bridge from my previous methods of working,

to a path to something new and evolved.


I gave up control

and I invited a like minded collaborator and 

my best friend into my songwriting process.

 They challenged every word and idea

I brought forward

and in doing so helped me narrow the scope of my vision.

For that I will forever be thankful,

for the honest support and clarity in aid of

what these songs have become.


This is my absolute best work.

In speaking to my feelings and the present truth 

 At times, it was a very terrifying process

but now that it is done,

 it was all worth it.

These songs can be personally interpreted by all

and through this abstraction,

I feel the music becomes universal.

 I can only hope together in this

we can

find a similar connectedness.


“Thank you for the love and support,

it keeps me going.”


Calvin Love




Management: Jordan Corso

Booking (Nth America): Jordan Corso

Booking (Mainland China): Sijie Liu

Label: Modern Sky USA