The name “Hong Hua Hui,” which in Chinese means “The Fellowship of the Red Flower,” HHH for short, was taken from the famous martial-arts novel by Jin Yong, titled “The Book and the Sword.”The HipHop crew was named after the ctional fellowship by the founding member K9999, to instill into every member an ideal of strength in group unity, and unstoppable on the battle eld. With these ideals at the core of the group’s identity, HHH has quickly risen in the Chinese HipHop scene.

In just a few years’ time, HHH has put out a stream of high quality releases, winning over fans as well as critics.They are quickly becoming one of the most representative HipHop groups in China, commanding a huge following.

The varied styles among the members is the group’s biggest strength and selling point. Each of them successfully blending this unique American music style with their own individualities, attracting legions of fans. In 2016, the group again became the center of attention after collaborating with Chinese Pop Star and Actor Kris Wu for the remix of his song “July,” as well as contributing the title track “Vicious” for the lm “Youth.” Through their work, the group had brought Chinese HipHop to the attention of many Chinese youth. Several singles caught re on Netease Music Stream service, within 3 hours of their release, they racked up over a thousand likes. HHH continue to use their work as an outlet to communicate with their audiences, and use themselves as an example of how to push Chinese HipHop forward.

March, 2017, HHH offcially signed with MDSK, causing waves in the Chinese HipHop scene, signaling the shift of Chinese HipHop from an alternative culture into something that’s accepted by the general public. For their first show under the MDSK label, a celebration of the signing, tickets quickly sold out, again proving HHH’s popularity among fans. Their performances brought down the house at the 1000+ venue. In the shows that followed, HHH packed the house wherever they went, including a 1300+ venue in Shenzhen. 2017 also marked the beginning of HHH’s presence at the Strawberry Music Festival series, the premiere music festival in China. At the Xi’an Strawberry, the crew’s hometown, 20 thousand plus audiences came to watch their performance, again continuing their mission of bringing HipHop to the Chinese youth and winning praises from all quarters of society.

K9999/ PG One / AZ/ DingFei F.Killa/ Brant/ DP/ Mai DJ: STAR
Designer: Wang Ji


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