queen sea big shark

Cotillon - the afternoons

Retro-futurism and surf rock

“One day we walked around Queen Sea [Houhai] Lake in Beijing and saw a sign that read, ‘This is mine; don’t even touch it; I’m Queen Sea Big Shark’. And that’s how we got our name,” says Fu Han, the singer for one of the biggest rock/electronic acts in China today. Since forming in 2004, the band has toured the US and Europe extensively, opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in California and playing at festivals including SXSW and The Creators Project. Queen Sea Big Shark is instantly recognizable for the razor-sharp style of their costumes and stage sets (Fu Han is also a visual artist) and has collaborated with brands like Converse and H&M in China. In 2011, the band appeared in an editorial for American Vogue shot by Mario Testino.


后海大鲨鱼乐队正式成立于2005年初,初期的音乐风格以Dance Rock为主,并在成长中不断加入冲浪摇滚、电子音乐等元素。他们的现场既有摇滚乐的犀利与激情,又具备电子时代的跳舞灵魂。在中国新音乐从地下摇滚到独立音乐的更新迭代中,“后鲨”是最醒目的字眼之一。无论是音乐形态还是乐队的整体视觉呈现,他们均与国际同步,中国与欧美的摇滚乐“时差”因后鲨的存在开始迅速缩短,他们也因此而走出国门,数次登上欧美摇滚舞台。

目前乐队已经发行了两张专辑:《后海大鲨鱼》和《浪潮》,以及《猛犸》和《Bling Bling Bling 》两首单曲。他们的立场是绝不向后看,只创造属于未来的时髦之声。