The loners parade | 2017 Strawberry Music FestivaL

We are born and lonely

From birth to passing we are talking to the world alone

Everyone is lonely and very different individual

Pacing five minutes to unlock a cell phone

In addition to the screen, the self-timer unread message is still zero

The vase of the balcony has been withered

Bottle close to the card reads: I wish my birthday happy

A movie ticket is filled with a drawer

It is hard to find two pieces of the same film at the same time

You may be a "empty nest youth"  living alone habit

Loneliness is more like a sense of security for you

KTV crowded the sound of moving dice come and go

Mixed in the crowd singing the song every song is not the end of the song on the initiative to cut songs

Go to a high school classmates that year's first love seems fat a few laps

The words of greeting are relatively silent on each other

The morning bar of the hustle and bustle of alcohol to embrace the courage of strangers

But close-up but stay in the back of the road alone back home

You may be a "social animal" appears in the corner of the people

Loneliness is not uncomfortable for you

We are born and lonely

From birth to passing we are talking to the world alone

Strawberry Planet

In the shape of a single only when the crowd surrounded by the time

Thousands of species of loneliness  can be found here

For the same song dancing  for the same band crazy 

In the same scene pass in the same wine stalls toast to leave

Even if there is no intersection of passers-by but have a lonely connection  point

We are the same stars in the vast universe